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Senior Planners Course


The SPC course is intended to bridge the gap in PME between TLS and Capstone in order to provide Strategic-Level education and exposure to Marine Colonels who are serving in, or preparing to serve in, our most demanding billets. The SPC is intended to further education and develop Colonels to think critically at the interface of Strategy and Policy, and to lead effectively in the Joint/Coalition Warfighting Arena.

Distinguished speakers from past courses

Gen James Amos, USMC
Gen Peter Pace, USMC (Ret)
Gen John Allen, USMC (Ret)
LtGen Robert Neller, USMC
LtGen Terry Robling, USMC
LtGen Paul K. Van Riper, USMC (Ret)
LtGen Ron Christmas, USMC (Ret)
LtGen Barry Knutson, USMC (Ret)
LtGen Richard Kramlich, USMC (Ret)
LtGen Earl Hailston, USMC (Ret)
LtGen Rusty Blackman, USMC (Ret)
LtGen Keith Stalder, USMC (Ret)
Amb Peter Romero
Dr. Eliot Cohen
Dr. Andrew Krepinevich
Mr. John Schmitt

- The draft schedule