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MCU Speakers Bureau Members and Topics
MCU Speakers are available to address groups on a variety of both national and international topics to include cultural, military, political, educational themes and more. 

 Speakers Bureau Members

Topics/Areas of Interest
​Dean of Academics and Deputy Director

​​International Terrorism, Middle East, Europe, National Security Strategy, Building Partnership Capacity

Branch Head Educational Technology

​​Curricula, SACS Processes, Educational Technology

​Federal Bureau of Investigation Chair

​​Criminal Justice Information Service, Intelligence, Human Intelligence, the Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement, Rule of Law, Negotiations, and Organizational Change

​Academic Chair Department of Homeland Security

​​Homeland Security

​Professor of National Security Affairs

​​American Civil War, German Army of World War II Leadership, Operational Art

​Associate Professor of Military History

Military History, Political Science, Social Studies, International Affairs

Course Director, Collage of Distance Education and Training

​Leadership, Iraq War, Warfighting

​Director of the Marine Corps War College

​​National Securities, Marine Corps

​Senior Fellow for Case Studies

Military History, Case Method Studies, Military Innovation, World War I

Communications Supervisor

​Leadership, Team Building, Organizational Culture, Organizational Change, Developing Presentational Skills, Conflict Management, Managing Millennials, Creativity, Train-the-Trainer, Adult Learner Needs, and Grammar Remediation

​Associate Professor of National Security Affairs

​​Military ethics, international security, national security, and US Government

Director IRAP

Learning Communities in Higher Education, Knowledge Management in Organizations, Informal Learning, Community of Practice Models

​Assistant Professor of Strategic Studies

​​National Security, Special Operations, Insurgency & Counterinsurgency Theory and Practice, Social Movements, Conflict Analysis, and Leadership.

​Lieutenant General Robert Eichelberger Army Chair

​​Counterterrorism, Counterinsurgency, National Security, Leadership, Iraq

​Supervisor of Curriculum Development

Teaching and Learning, Education Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, Governance and Leadership

​Director and Chief of Marine Corps History

History and National Security Affairs, U.S. History, U.S. Government, Terrorism, U.S. Marine Corps History

Senior Fellow

​​Military History, Case Method Studies, Judaic Studies

​Director of East Asian Studies

Chinese and Vietnamese Society, Politics and Military Affairs, East Asian Military Affairs, Asian Insurgency and Counterinsurgency

​WFTS Deputy Director

​​Airpower in Irregular Warfare, Leadership and Ethics, Mobility Operations

​Senior Research Associate

​​Middle East Security Studies with an emphasis on Yemen, Iran and the Gulf Region, Impact of Regional Policies in the Greater Middle East on U.S. National Security and Interests, Civil-Military Relations in the Middle East, Causes and Dynamics of Internal War in Yemen, Counterterrorism, Counterinsurgency


​​Chaplains Serving With the USMC: Religion in culture, Military Ethics, The Ethics of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Leadership & Ethics, History

​Professor of Ethics and Ethics Branch Head

​​Leadership, Ethics, Military Ethics

Deputy Director, Lejeune Leadership Institute

Military & Civilian Leadership Development,  Speech Communication Theory and Practice, Teaching Methodologies, Philosophies, and Practices, Curriculum Design, Development, Implementation, and Accreditation , Faculty Development, Operational Planning and Operations, General Military Subjects, Regional Studies, and Military History.