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MCU Speakers Bureau Members and Topics
MCU Speakers are available to address groups on a variety of both national and international topics to include cultural, military, political, educational themes and more. 


Topics/Areas of Interest
​Dr. Susan Johnstson Learning Communities in Higher Education, Knowledge Management in Organizations, Informal Learning, Community of Practice Models
Dr. Vanessa Nason ​Supervisor of Curriculum Development Teaching and Learning, Education Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, Governance and Leadership
Dr. Edward Erikson ​Associate Professor of Military History Military History, Political Science, Social Studies, International Affairs
Dr. Bruce Gudmundsson ​Senior Fellow for Case Studies Military History, Case Method Studies, Military Innovation, World War I

​Dr. Edward O'Dowd

​Direcotr of East Asian Studies Chinese and Vietnamese Society, Politics and Military Affairs, East Asian Military Affairs, Asian Insurgency and Counterinsurgency
Mr Damien O'Connell Military History, Case Method Studies, Judaic Studies
Dr. Charles Neimeyer ​Director and Chief of Marine Corps History History and National Security Affairs, U.S. History, U.S. Government, Terrorism, U.S. Marine Corps History
Dr. James Anderson ​Dean of Academics and Deputy Director International Terrorism, Middle East, Europe, National Security Strategy, Building Partnership Capacity
Mr. Adam Seitz ​Senior Research Associate Middle East Security Studies with an emphasis on Yemen, Iran and the Gulf Region, Weapons Proliferation, Impact of Regional Policies in the Greater Middle East on U.S. National Security and Interests, Asymmetric Conflict, Civil-Military Relations in the Middle East, Causes and Dynamics of Internal War Counterterrorism
Mr. Michael Ronza ​WFTS Deputy Director Airpower in Irregular Warfare, Leadership and Ethics, Mobility Operations
Dr. Rebecca Johnson ​Associate Professor of National Security Affairs Military ethics, international security, national security, and US Government
Mr. Michael Lewis ​Assistant Professor of Strategic Studies National Security, Special Operations, Insurgency & Counterinsurgency Theory and Practice, Social Movements, Conflict Analysis, and Leadership.
​David M. Todd, LCDR, CHC, USN Chaplains Serving With the USMC: Religion in culture, Military Ethics, The Ethics of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Leadership & Ethics, History
Dr. Richard Di Nardo ​Professor of National Security Affairs American Civil War, German Army of World War II Leadership, Operational Art
Col Steven Miska ​Lieutenant General Robert Eichelberger Army Chair Counterterrorism, Counterinsurgency, National Security, Leadership, Iraq
Col Keil Gentry ​Director of the Marine Corps War College National Securities, Marine Corps
Mr. Kenneth Cassine ​Federal Bureau of Investigation Chair Criminal Justice Information Service, Intelligence, Human Intelligence, the Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement, Rule of Law, Negotiations, and Organizational Change
Mr. Charles Davis ​Academic Chair Department of Homeland Security Homeland Security
​Dr. Robert Bromber Curricula, SACS Processes, Educational Technology
Dr. Paolo Tripodi ​Professor of Ethics and Ethics Branch Head Leadership, Ethics, Military Ethics