Archives and Special Collections

2 Team Leaders
3 Archivists
3 Archives Technicians

The Archives Branch collects, preserves, and provides access to primary source documentation pertaining to the history of the United States Marine Corps. It supports Marine Corps University, the United States Marine Corps, and civilian researchers.
Materials range in dates from 1773 to the present, and include a wide variety of formats. Holdings are comprised of:
 Personal papers collections of Marines of all ranks
 USMC command chronologies
 Marine Corps University materials
 Selected USMC records, documents and publications
 Maps and drawings

The Archives Branch processes and answers inquiries from military personnel, government agencies, scholars, veterans, and the general public.
Currently the archive’s holdings are not accessible on-line.  Requests for information about the branch and its holdings can be submitted by email, phone, letter, or in person. However, email is preferred. Requests should be submitted using the following contact information:
Phone: 703-784-4685
Address:  Director, Gray Research Center (C40RCA)
               Attn: Archives-Reference
               2040 Broadway Street
               Quantico, VA 22134
Archives staff will do limited research to answer questions; however, for extensive research projects we encourage users to visit the archive.

Per MCO 57150.1H, the Archives Branch is the designated repository for all USMC command chronologies. Units are to submit their command chronologies to the Archives using the reporting periods designated in MARADMIN 509/14.
Unclassified command chronologies should be sent to the following address:
Gray Research Center (C40RCA)                 
Attn: Archives
Quantico, VA 22134
Submissions can be made electronically if they (1) are in PDF format and (2) include the signed cover page and all listed supporting documents. A hard copy will not be required if the above requirements are met. Unclassified electronic submissions sent via email or AMRDEC Safe are acceptable. Please send them to this email:
For any questions concerning generation of, submission of, and access to command chronologies, please call 703-784-4685 or email
Personal Papers Collections
Over 5,000 collections of correspondence, diaries, photographs, drawings, scrapbooks, and other personal items created and collected by Marines ranging from corporals to commandants.
USMC Command Chronologies
Original versions of Marine Corps command chronologies submitted between 1976 and present. Electronic versions of units deployed between 1965 and 1975.

Marine Corps University Materials
Student papers from Marine Corps University schools. Select syllabi, reading lists, course requirements, and instructors’ and professors’ research materials.
USMC Records, Documents, and Publications
Select after-action reports, bulletins, manuals, orders, studies, tables of organization, and tables of equipment.
Maps and Drawings
Maps and overlays from Marine Corps campaigns and operations. Schematic drawings of early amphibious landing craft and historic facilities.
The Archives Branch welcomes donation offers of personal papers. Personal papers are comprised of, but not limited to, correspondence, memoirs, diaries, scrapbooks, albums, maps, plans, and photographs pertaining to the history of the Marine Corps generated and/or collected by individuals.
The Archives Branch may not be able to accept all of the items offered for donation. Offers are handled on a case by case basis and evaluated by and decided on by Archives staff using established criteria.
For any questions concerning donation offers, please call 703-784-4685 or email