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Confronting Security Challenges on the Korean Peninsula

The Korean Peninsula was and is in a state of flux. More than 60 years after the war that left the country divided, the policies and unpredictability of the North Korean regime, in conjunction with the U.S. alliance with South Korea and the involvement of China in the area, leave the situation there one of the most capricious on the globe.

Confronting Security Challenges on the Korean Peninsula presents the opinions from experts on the subject matter from the policy, military, and academic communities. Drawn from talks at the Marine Corps University Emerald Express Strategic Symposium in September 2010, the papers explore the enduring security challenges, the state of existing political and military relationships, the economic implications of unification, and the human rights concerns within North and South Korea. They also reiterate the importance for the broader East Asia region of peaceful resolution of the Korean issues.

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Bruce E. Bechtol Jr. is associate professor of political science at Angelo State University and was formerly professor of international relations at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College (2005–10). He is author of Red Rogue: The Persistent Challenge of North Korea(2007).



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