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Rethinking a Middle East in Transition

The Arab Spring of 2011 did not develop in a vacuum. The forces that exploded across the broader Middle East early that year has been simmering for a long time. This book documents those pressures and issues.

Rethinking a Middle East in Transition presents the opinions of an array of experts on the region, drawn from their presentations at the Middle East Institute’s 64th Annual Conference in November 2010, on the eve of the Jasmine Revolution. Participants came from across the spectrum—diplomats, policy specialists, academic scholars, military planners, and journalists.

Topics addressed include the Arab–Israeli peace process; Iran and its role in the region; the challenges of the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan; the difficulties of confronting and negotiating with nonstate actors such as Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban; public opinion in the Arab world; Turkey’s growing influence; Israel’s perspectives on recent developments; conditions in Iraq as the United States withdraws its forces; and the Obama administration’s policies in response to all of these issues.


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