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Vote on the QEP


For the past eight months Marine Corps University has reviewed its current programs of instruction in order to identify areas where the University could make a significant contribution to student learning and / or the environment in which students learn from 2015-2025. This work will culminate in a ten-year action plan called the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), which is one element of maintaining our accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. On the basis of student and alumni surveys, focus groups with faculty and students, and email inputs from across the Marine Corps, the QEP Team identified five thematic areas that show the greatest potential to enhance student learning over the coming decade:


  1. Faculty Development
  2. Information Educational Technology
  3. Creative, Problem-Based Learning
  4. Curriculum and Knowledge Integration Across the Schools
  5. Writing Instruction and Feedback

MCU is currently evaluating five preliminary QEP proposals to address these areas across the University. We would like your input. Please review the proposals below, and then complete this short on-line survey to let the QEP Team know which proposal you think would do the most to enhance student learning and / or the environments in which students learn.

Enhancing Student Learning by Promoting Teaching Excellence: The proposed Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) within Marine Corps University enhances student learning by providing a wide range of teaching and learning tools to all MCU civilian and military faculty in order to hone their teaching methodology and instructional strategy skills.


The Krulak Center for Experiential Education and Research: The proposed Krulak Center for Experiential Education and Research enhances problem-driven learning and scholarship at Marine Corps University by enriching classroom instruction with experiential travel, policy relevant academic research, innovative staff rides, and decision exercises that integrate students and faculty across the university.


The Case Method Center: The proposed Case Method Center serves as a repository for expertise in the use and development of decision-forcing cases, a school for teaching the case method, and an engine for the reform of both curriculum and teaching methods.


Information Technology Support to Education: This proposal recommends adopting Blackboard Learn for Outcomes Assessment to help ensure the resident schools at MCU are aligned with our missions at the institution, school, and course levels, while meeting accreditation requirements.


Creative, Innovative, Problem-Focused Learning: This proposal focuses on creative, innovative, problem-focused learning by moving to a two- or three-tiered grading system, adding Oxford-style tutorials across MCU, engaging applied problem-solving activities, and incorporating concentrated self-study into the POI.


Thank you for your input. MCU is incorporating input from multiple sources – you, School leadership, the Executive Leadership Committee for SACS Accreditation, and the University’s Board of Visitors. BGen Weidley will select the final QEP in May. Check back to our Updates page for more information.

Marine Corps University