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Fighter Resources​


NAVMC 2795 USMC User's Guide to Counseling
Provides a means to assist Marine leaders and their Marines to be continuously motivated toward more effective individual performance.  This guide establishes a more effective means of communication and understanding between senior and junior; it continually strives to improve Marine Corps readiness.

The Marine Corps Social Media Guide
Outlines the Marine Coprs' social media principles to empower Marines to participate with our social media community.  The intent is to engage in greater discussion as even better communicators and improved representatives of our Corps. MARADMIN 365/10 Social Media Guidance for Unofficial Posts

Professional Reading List/ PME
Commandant's Professional Reading List
This site informs Marines of the Commandant's recommended books by relevant grade. A discussion guide is provided to spur critical thinking and topical focus.

PME requirements
The Marine Corps provides specific training based on rank and MOS. The links provided below delineate requirements and additional resources.

The Unit PME Resources guide is for unit commanders throughout the Marine Corps. The guide uses case studies that address Corp-related real-world issues.


Marine Corps Training Information Management System (MCTIMS):

Offers resources such as T&R Manuals and MOS Roadmaps for use in individual and unit training.



Best Practices
One unit created a Squadron Cup to foster a balance of excellence by establishing a scoring table by which to comparatively assess the collective performance of its various companies.  The intent was to encourage the highest degree of combat readiness in a broad range of categories while fostering development of small unit leaders and organizational pride.

Additional resources and examples for the Squadron Cup are as follows:


Learning and Resource Centers Central Database

The Learning and Resource Centers Central base site is a a central compilation of contact information for all the Learning Resource Centers around the Marine Corps.

MCBul 1500 Annual Training and Education Requirements
The annual bulletin lists both calendar and fiscal year training requirements. The list updates on an annual basis.



MarineNet is an internet based online training and education platform. MarineNet provides varied courses and delivers them through a wealth of different metho​ds. The learning materials may consist of anything from video lectures, text, interactive learning programs and direct contact with course instructors in what are called video training centers.


MarineNet Interpersonal Communication Courses

MFZLSCIPC0 is an Interpersonal Communications workshop that helps increase competence in using more effective communication skills, and to promote healthy relationships. 

MarineNet Writing Center

MarineNet-based writing center now open to all Marine learners CDET0101WC.  It is broader and encompasses information that will help Marines write more effectively regardless of rank, enlisted or officer, and it is available to every MarineNet user.


Featured Readings:

Fighter Based Discussion Guide
The Fighter Based Discussion Guide summarizes leadership qualities based on USMC Core Values. The topics are vignettes of the material, lectures, and exercises you can expect to engage at LLI.

“A Battalion Reading Policy: Improving Baselines Skills and Knowledge”
A 'how to' practical guide for implementing a unit professional reading program.


MCWP 6-11 Leading Marines 
Outlines the philosophy of leadership the Marine Corps holds so sacred. This pub is a must read for anyone hoping to make a positive impact on the lives of other Marines.  MCWP 6-11 Leading Marines is required reading for all Marines.

MCRP 6-11B Marine Corps Values
A User's Guide for Discussion Leaders, provides Marine leaders with a resource for discussing and sustaining values within their unit.  This publication is designed to assist leaders of all ranks in conducting meaningful discussions on core values, professional ethics, combat leadership, and a host of other topics related to values training within the Marine Corps.

MCRP 6-11D Sustaining the Transformation:
Is designed to aid Marine leaders at all levels in their efforts to sustain the transformation process.

Lejeune on Leadership
General John A. Lejeune offered advice to Marine officers nearly 100 years ago that is still relevant today. Lejeune’s five characteristics of leadership underscore the core values of the successful Marine leader.

Pulitzer Prize winner for Lee's Lieutenants, Dr. Douglas S. Freeman gives a speech on "Leadership" to the Naval War College almost seventy years ago that still provides solid guidance on the bascis of leadership for today's Marine.