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Finance Resources

Finance Based Discussion Guide
This guide along with the presentations provides a starting point for leaders to discuss financial topics within their unit.

MCLD Financial Literacy Presentations
The MCLD Financial Literacy Presentations cover foundational aspects of financial awareness that can be taught to all Marines and were adapted from the MCCS PFM program with embedded speaker notes. Each lesson provides an overview of that specific sub-group and the Financial discussion guide has questions created to further small group discussions with unit members. 

MarineNet Course
M00PFM0000 Personal Financial Management: Is a web-based based course for developing strategies and using a personal budget for individual financial planning.


Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP)
The Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP) provides personal financial education,  training, coaching and information and referral to Marines and their family. A solid  understanding of a Marine's personal financial situation and prospects will give them and their family a better chance of achieving financial success during their career and prior to transitioning. It will build confidence in facing financial challenges and responsibilities.



Miscellaneous resources

Approved DoD Fiancial Educators

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society provides financial assistance and education as well as other programs and services to Marines, Sailors, their eligible family members, widows, and surviors. 

Financial Information


Best Practices
LLI receives examples of leadership best practices from units around the Marine Corps via the Discussion Board and other means.  Some examples of unit best practices in the Finances area include:  

MACG-28 Financial Health Survey