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Fitness Resources

Fitness Based Discussion Guide
This discussion guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the MCFIT Self-Assessment Tool which provides sell-guided methodologies to gauge their Total Fitness: mind, body, spirit, and social fitness. The leader can introduce resources based off of individual needs.  The Warrior Personal Stress Rating Scale is also a useful tool for Marines and leaders to identify personal stressors impacting overall health.


Fitness of Body
Reflects a Marine's ability to physically perform the tasks assigned individually and as a unit, both in garrison and while deployed.

USMC Online Fitness Guide
This site links to extensive fitness resources, hosts video examples along with PFT and CFT preparation guides.

High Intensity Tactical Training
Includes multiple resources such as the (HITT) HITT Program Booklet which prepares Marines for the rigors of modern combat. The HITT program is geared toward power, speed and agility.  

MCMAP: Martial Arts Center of Excellence (MACE):
The go-to resource for unit Marine Corps martial arts instructors and students. 
Fitness of Mind 
Refters to a Marine's level of self-confidence, strong coping and decision-making skills.
Human Performance Resource Center
DoD sponsored Human Performance Resource Center: The site a repository of recent fitness related research which includes fitness of mind and body. 

Behavioral Health Information Network:
The BHIN contains many resources to aid both leaders and Marines in promoting emotional and mental health. Most of the resources can either be downloaded directly from the website or ordered at no charge to the unit or Marine. 

Combat Operational Stress Control:
The Combat Operational Stress Control (COSC) program encompasses all policies and programs to prevent, identify, and holistically treat mental injuries caused by combat or other operations. The site hosts links to various other organizations like the Wounded Warrior Regiment and other governmental agencies such as the Veterans Affairs (VA). 
The DSTRESS line was developed by the Corps to provide professional, anonymous counseling for Marines, attached Sailors, and families when its needed most.

Fitness of Spirit

Refers to that which gives meaning and purpose in life. 

Chaplain Care
Chaplain Care is a gateway for Marines, Sailors, and their family members

  • to connect to a Navy Chaplain 24/7 through NAVY311.
  • to access spiritual resources (devotions, prayers, faith-specific, spiritual practices, CREDO retreat sites and schedules).
  • to access resiliency links for suicide prevention, sexual assault prevention and response, and other helpful organizaitons.



Social Fitness

Describes how well Marines and their families engage in socially healthy behaviors that enable them to successfully interact with peers, families and their community, and better equip them to meet their duties while deployed or in garrison.

Marine Corps Family Team Building
MCFTB provides educational resources and services to foster personal growth and enhance the readiness of Marine Corps families.
Marine Corps Community Services
(MCCS) Recreation and Fitness: MCCS offers a wide variety of recreation and fitness programs to provide Marines and their families with resources to lead active healthy lives. 
Single Marine Program
The Single Marine Program (SMP) was established to provide a forum for Marines to identify quality of life ideas and issues and recommend solutions.

Marine Corps Fitness Improvement Tool (MCFIT)

MCFIT is designed to improve Marines' awareness of their own total fitness, and provides Marines resources for self-improvement. This effort affords unit commanders the opportunity to assess their Marines' fitness levels across the four domains of Marine Total Fitness (body, mind, spirit, and social). 

National Resource Directory (NRD) A website that connects wounded warriors, Service Members, Veterans, their families, and caregivers to programs and services that support them. 

MarineNet Courseware: 
Semper Fit: Fitness Course: SFFITNESS0 is an interactive course which lays out the importance of fitness to operational readiness.


Semper Fit: Nutrition: SFNUTRIT00

provides the student strategies to engage nutrition as an integer for peak performance.

Semper Fit: Injury Prevention: INJPRV is designed for Marine leaders as a resource which includes evidence-based strategies to enhance combat conditioning and mitigate musculoskeletal injuries.

Semper Fit: Tobacco Cessation: SFTOBCESSO is an interactive course that presents the health risks accociated with the use of tobacco, in its many different forms, and the effects tobacco usage has on operational readiness.

Semper Fit: Hypertension/High Cholesterol: SFHYPER000 is an interactive course that presents the health risks of hypertension and high cholesterol and presents strategies to reduce and manage each.

Semper Fit: Alcohol and Drug Recognition, Abuse, and Prevention: SFALDRUG00 is an interactve course that offers practical information about alcohol, drug recongnition, and substance abuse and explains the Marine Corps' "Zero Tolerance" policy. 

Semper Fit: MFCSPPO001 Suicide Prevention Program Officer Training: Suicide Prevention Program Officer training provides an overview of the Marine Corps Suicide Prevention and Response Program and role of the SPPO and prepares SPPOs to assume key suicide prevention responsibilities by coordinating efforts within their units.


Semper Fit: Sexual Health: SFSXHEALTH is an interactive course that presents the importance of sexual responsibility in avoiding sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnacies.